New 0.33 testnet starting Tuesday 28 September

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New 0.33 testnet starting Tuesday 28 September

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No large consensus changes, but a fair few breaking changes and fixes still requiring incompatibility and thus a new chain.

Most of the changes went into the game side this time:

- much improved voxel import (multi model Magical Voxel file, Minecraft schem files, palette editing)
- better procedural terrain
- snow storm event
- better scripts UI
- optional downloadable bock hashes for better sync speed
- decreased memory usage
- fix for large event logs breaking the database
- much faster switch between ground modes
- optional on disk terrain cache
- based off newer monero code

In order to play on the new testnet from tuesday, you will have to manually remove the previous testnet's blockchain if you have any as well as in the binary directory.

Always remember to run both townforged and townforge with --testnet, since we're still not on mainnet just yet.
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