New 0.24 testnet starting on Saturday

Announcements about Townforge
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New 0.24 testnet starting on Saturday

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Townforge is available on

This version is NOT compatible with the current chain, so you'll still need to play until Saturday, when the chain will restart with

Main changes include:
- faster
- much smaller blockchain database
- wood can be chopped into firewood (so you can prioritize which wood type to use for heating)
- new Monero code, including CLSAG transactions
- new townforge-chat console access to in-game chat
- balance changes
- more materials to build with
- and a lotmore

See the updated manual and the controls list in the options for changes too.

If you want to carry over a building from the current chain to the next one, you will have to export those buildings first while running, then import it after switch to the new chain on
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