Mining and game set up for non programmers

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Mining and game set up for non programmers

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Hi there,

LOVE the concept, love Monero, love games, don't love the lack of coding brain I was born and bred with. I can understand a potential desire to NOT have a bunch of non-cypher punk noobs running around in this game and clogging up your chat spaces with the SAME questions over and over again....BUT...what are the chances of posting a step-by-step on a) setting up mining on the daemon thingie thats doing stuff in the background there....and b) launching the game... for THIS noob so you can have ONE house noob in there with you?

Much love, good vibes and happy building.
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Re: Mining and game set up for non programmers

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It's pretty simple nowadays, since the game can control the mining directly.

Download the binaries for your OS from

Run townforged like you would monerod, and wait for it to sync to the network

Run townforge (that's the game) and wait for it to see the daemon

In the center of the game screen, click on the "No wallet ?" button near the "Spectator mode" text.
This will let you create a new wallet (since you need one to play the game). Select a path to save the new wallet, and enter a password for it.

Once done, double click on the "Townforge" UI panel on the top right of the screen to open it (or click once on the arrow). That's the main UI.

You can start mining: open the "Node" section from the panel, and click "Start mining". Now wait for your townforged daemon to mine some blocks. You'll see your wallet balance increase as it does. It's in the Player section of the UI, right above.

Once you have some gold in your wallet, click "Create account" in the Player section of the main UI panel. You'll have to wait at least an hour after mining some blocks for the gold to mature, same as with Monero. Select a name for your character.

Once you have done that, all your actions need to be mined into the blockchain, since the entire game's on chain. This includes character creation, so wait for a new block now.

Once your account creation is mined, you're in the game and you can explore :)
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